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Hardwood floors services

New installed 2 1/4 red oak unfinished hardwood floors, refinished with three coats of water base satin finish

The forest provides us with a wonderful material for creating beautiful floors based on the wood’s natural appearance. New trends and stiles are constantly being developed as the demand for both new and classic-looking floors is increasing. In recent years we have seen a growing interest in more advanced design and furnishing from interior designers as well as costumers who are becoming more knowledgeable and more adventurous in their choice of décor.

When you consider hardwood flooring in Chicago, or if you already have wood floors in your home, the first choice will be to refinish the floors. Floor refinishing can give you the possibility to choose the look you want: a new and modern look or a look of old floors. You can have a stain color added to match the interior design you choose for your home and a large selection of oil or water based finishes. You have to know that when you have the floors refinished pet stains can be removed and any repair can be made, the result being of a new floor.
Floors will have one of three finishes. No matter what type of surface treatment the floor you choose has, you can be certain that it will enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Your preferences regarding looks, feeling, color and maintenance are the main arguments for choosing a floor with a specific finish. 
Dustless floor refinishing option is available at Zudor Flooring for refinishing hardwood floors in Chicago.